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Privacy Policy is a universal platform that deals in digital marketing. To provide flawless services to our clients and users we have established a document named as “privacy policy” that includes the rules and regulations that are necessary to obey. We are highly concerned about user data and information that we collect from user time to time. Every user want to work with has to follow this policy. The company reserves right to amend this policy or any of its clause any time an d the alteration will be implemented from the announced date and time and no one has right to deny it.

In this document the main terms used as “We”, “us”, “our”, “Gmipakistan” refer to The terms “Site”, “website” and “platform” refer to the and terms “you”, “your”, “client”, “customer” refer to users of the site. By using the services of you give your consent for the practices on your data that are described in privacy policy. We reserve the right to revise this policy at any time to reflect the changes in law, personal data collection, data usage, change in any feature at site or advancement in technology. Any amendment or alteration in the policy will be posted prominently on the Site and users will be properly notified about the changes.

Our privacy policy implies to all the services and facilities offered at our site. The users will be entertained as per the terms and rules described in this document. The terms which are not defined herein shall have the meanings as describe to them in Terms of Use. To enjoy the all the services offered by Gmipakistanin the true sense it looks pretty wise to read this document properly so that you can get maximum benefits.

We operate almost around the globe but strictly follow the law. So if your local law does not permit you the use of all or anyone of the services available at our platform, it is advised not to Sign UP at . In case of any inconvenience or loss or any legal action against you will not be responsible or guilty of anything. We’ll not be bound to provide you any assistance or clarification.

Please note: This Privacy Policy does not cover any information that we may receive about you through channels other than Gmipakistanor any third party.

The main points of privacy policy are as under:

What kind of information does Gmipakistan gather?

Personal information:

On creating account at or using any services that are offered at our site, we gathers your personal information that includes your name, recent photograph, email address, phone number, country, state or city of residence and mailing address. We also collect some similar information that can prove your identity such as government issued identification document, your date of birth or any other information collected through any third party identity verification services. It also includes the information that you provide our representative while consulting customer care.

Transaction information:

When you made a transaction using platform, we collect necessary information about the sender and receiver of transaction including name, account number, transaction pin. Number of transactions you made, transaction ID and associated bank accounts may also include in this group of information. There may be some automatic information collection regarding time and device that you use at that time.

Non-personal information:

Along with all this there may be some non-personal information collection by system automatically. This my include your Geo location, your device information such as OS of your devices, IP address, ISP that you use to connect our site. This may include any other technical information collected by system automatically

Browsing information:

We reserve the right to collect your browsing information to know the patterns and preferences of our users. This information may include but not limited to your browsing history, browser cookies, session data, referral URLs and your activity log.

If you fail to provide required data

We collect your data totally remaining in the limits imposed by the law and have right to gather necessary information about our users. If you do not provide personal data to us when it is requested, you will not be able to use our website and services and we will not bound to act upon or complete the contract that we have or trying to enter with you. When insufficient personal data is provided, we reserve the right to close your account or deny to create your account. If such a situation encounters, we’ll notify you by using available communication means.

How we use our user data?

We use your personal information as per allowed by law. The main purpose to collect and use the user data is to provide flawless and streaming services to our clients. Secondly this data is used to improve our services and site. We use your personal information in underneath circumstances.

  • When we are about to enter in a contract or perform a contract with you.

  • When it is compulsory for our legal interests and do not override your interest and fundamental rights.

  • We need to abide by a legal or regulatory responsibility.

Generally the data that you provide us or we collect from you can be used for the following purposes:

  • Provide the error free and continuous services to our users.

  • Facilitate for Sign Up at our site and use our services.

  • Furnish our clients with improved administration and services at our site.

  • To identify you and verify your identity.

  • To notify you about your account activity and process transactions etc.

  • Provide active customer support services and improve our product.

  • Identify, prevent, and report potentially suspicious, fraudulent, or illegal activities.

  • We notify you about important changes to our Terms of Use.

  • To actively respond your all queries about site and services.


We are highly concerned about our collected data and made significant security measures to keep it intact and secure. We are highly concerned about the security of our business and user data and take appropriate security measures to keep it safe and secure. Other than as stated in this Privacy Policy, Gmipakistandoes not disclose any of your personal information to third parties unless required to do so by law enforcement, court order, or in compliance with legal reporting obligations.

We can use your data at any of our partner platforms for the marketing purposes.

We are highly concerned about data security and implement industry standard data encryption technologies. Furthermore, restrictions are implemented associated to data storage and access to keep your personal data secure. However in digital world of internet it cannot be guaranteed 100% security against any loss. But at our end we take all security measures to ensure security.

How Can You Update Your Information?

For the user convenience we have define an easy way to update your personal information while creating your account and even after creating your account. User can easily update personal information using Profile Tab and providing there all the necessary information. In case, user encounter some difficulty in this process, he / she can contact our Support and Customer Care. You personal information will be preserved with company till your account is active and not closed. If you want to inactive your account, contact the support and Customer Care and create a ticket there. The team of professionals will see the matter, reserve the necessary information in accordance with law, resolve the issue according to our Terms.

How We Use Cookies

We collect your browser data to improve user experience and our services according to the preferences of our users. For this purpose we collect cookies from your browser and PC. Cookies are the small files that are stored in your computer. We use these cookies to recognize and confront any deceitful activity. Additionally we use this data to analyze the user behavior and preferences and improve our services for improving our user experience. The information gathered from the cookies may include but not limited to, IP address, used URLs, Geographic location, browser type, sessions data and the OS that you are using in your devices used to access our platform. You have option to deactivate your cookies but it should be notify that you’ll be unable to use or access some features at our site and Gmipakistan will not be responsible for any loss or inconvenience regarding this decision.

Contact Us

Feel free to contact us if you have any queries about this policy or any clause of it. Our professionals are always ready to satisfy your queries in all regards.

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